We believe in developing strong personal relationships with our clients.  As an independent planning and wealth management firm, our focus is not on the number of accounts we can open, but on the quality of the experience each client receives.  We have dedicated team members who treat you like family, listen to your needs, and help solve your problems.  We maintain an open line of communication and walk through life with you through good and tough times.  For us, helping you succeed is not our job, it's our calling.

Helpful First

We don’t walk away from our relationships after our clients implement their plan, instead, we dig in. All too often, we see a lack of effort of service in this industry. In our view, above all else, we are here to serve you. For this reason, we are always available to get you to the right person on our team to answer your question or solve your problem. And we will never choose to focus on finding a new client, over choosing to service our existing ones. The long-term relationships we foster speak to the heart of our firm.

Strives to Improve

We strive to inform and empower our clients so that they are in control of their finances. We’re constant learners and active researchers. We love unearthing new strategies and sharpening our skill sets. Expect us to be abreast of new and emerging financial opportunities that benefit you. Expect us to utilize emerging technologies to better serve you. 

Our Values In Investment | Prosperity Partners Wealth Management

Humble Confidence

Around the office, you can often find us delving into the asset positioning of any given financial plan, ensuring that the recommendations we make are sound. We take pride in our ability to understand your vision, bring meaningful feedback and solutions while working alongside as we implement and move through life’s financial journey. We pay attention to the little details so that you can have true confidence in us as partners.


It’s about presence. It’s about putting the people around us at ease, like a comforting old friend who is welcoming and understanding. Our behavior, in terms of ethics and morals, is as predictable as humidity in the summertime in Tennessee. It’s a guarantee that you’ll be treated with dignity and that we’ll tell it like it is. It’s our promise to you.

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