Retirement Clarity

When you plan for something like vacation, the lead up to the trip and packing phase can be hectic, stressful, and filled with decisions. The same can be said in the lead up to your retirement, the critical savings years.

You may be looking for answers to specific questions. What will retirement look like? Are we spending too much? What if we’re not saving enough? Could we run out of money in retirement? Are we investing in the right places? How much will we need in retirement? Will our employer pension plan cover us through retirement? When and how should we turn on our Social Security benefits? How much will health care cost? What strategies do I put in place for handling risk? Planning when and which asset to begin my income stream? How can I protect and grow those assets which are my retirement cornerstones?

Approaching retirement can be overwhelming, but we’ll work with you to create a retirement plan that addresses every one of your concerns well before you stop working and begin paying yourself. When we’re done, you’ll not only know what you need (income) to fund your retirement lifestyle, and what your investments will generate, but you’ll also know how to bridge the shortfall – if any.

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Retirement Clarity | Prosperity Partners Wealth Management


Emerging High Earner

You’re skilled and highly competent at what you do. In your career, you are excelling in your field and achieving milestones along the way. Perhaps you’ve accumulated a fairly significant investment portfolio, were recently married (or divorced), had kids, have equity compensation, or want to ensure you’re approaching your finances in the most efficient manner.

You recognize that you need guidance and clarity in your financial life because you want to achieve financial independence and ensure that work is optional, not mandatory. You care deeply about living a life that is full of meaning, grounded in purpose, and steeped in memorable experiences. 

Together, we will uncover what is most important to you and the role money plays in that picture. Do you wish to retire early? Start a business? Or, travel the world? Whatever your goals may be, we can help you get there. Now is the time of life to make sure you reach as high and as far as possible.

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Emerging High Earner | Prosperity Partners Wealth Management


Enjoying Retirement & Planning Your Legacy

Now that you're into your retirement years, you're currently enjoying the lifestyle you worked so hard to achieve. As a couple, your income and investments are providing you with a sound distribution plan, but what happens if there is a major market correction or when you pass away?  It's time to think about your legacy not only for your children but also for your surviving spouse.

You may have questions about how to make sure the survivor has adequate lifetime income, or how to pass money tax-efficiently.  Ways to simplify your estate for your beneficiaries, and how to have your wishes last another lifetime may be a priority. You may want to contribute to charities that are important to you, or you may want to set up your own foundation. Whatever your wishes, we can help you see that they become a reality.

As we all know too well, you can’t take your money with you when you go. But with sound financial planning, assisted by a trusted advisor, you can leave a legacy of wealth for your spouse, family, and the causes you believe in. In other words, it’s time to determine how you can significantly impact the world for your loved ones and humanity.

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Enjoying Retirement & Planning Your Legacy | Prosperity Partners Wealth Management