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Bucket Planning Approach

When it comes to building wealth and planning for your retirement, balancing growth with asset protection is vital to your success. We utilize the “Bucket Planning Approach” to visualize your assets into three areas of focus. One for the short-term, one for the intermediate-term, and one for the long-term. It’s simple but effective and we welcome the opportunity to walk you through the nuances.


Bucket One - Now

  • Safe + Liquid
  • Next 12 months
  • Emergency or Opportunity Fund
  • For living expenses not covered by income Social Security and/or pensions

Bucket Two - Soon

  • Conservative + Income
  • Next 2-10 years
  • For medium-range inflation adjusted spending needs and goals
  • Fixed income funds, balanced stock funds/ETFs and annuities

Bucket Three - Later

  • Long-term Growth + Legacy Planning
  • Next 10+ Years
  • For longer-term needs and legacy planning
  • Life insurance, long-term care 
  • Stock funds/ETFs positioned toward growth


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