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At Prosperity Partners Wealth Management, our job is to help you maintain your lifestyle, preserve your wealth, and create your legacy for today, tomorrow and years to come. Whether you are making plans or going through a major life transition, you have worked hard preparing for your financial future. The question is, are you really ready for what may lie ahead? The risks are too great, and time is too short to financially go it on your own.

Now is the time to let us help you love your life, leave your legacy, and feel confident about the next steps on your path.

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Financial Planning

Sound financial planning inherently assumes that everyone’s individual financial and life circumstances are unique. We believe financial planning is more of a process than a destination. We begin our process by learning about you, your goals, and your family’s financial position. Then we work with you to gather data about your risk-tolerance level, cash-flow needs, tax situation, and other factors that may affect your finances over time. We understand that

Retirement Planning

People are living longer today than ever before, creating a host of new retirement planning issues and financial concerns. Consider that a person who turns 65 today could be expected to live as many as 30 or more additional years in retirement. Our retirement bucket planning process seeks to address all of your needs throughout your retirement. Our retirement planning services extend to the accumulation, preservation, and distribution stages of

Estate Planning

If you wish to leave behind a meaningful legacy, be it for loved ones or a Charitable Cause, you need to put a well-thought-out estate plan in place. Without an established plan, the fate of your estate could be determined by the state, lawyers, or people that don’t necessarily have your interests and wishes in mind. We can help you assume more control over the inevitable distribution of your wealth

Ali Swofford, PhD, CLU, ChFC - Wesley N. Price, CFP® - Craig Hammer, RICP®, Andrea Carpenter, ChFC, CLU

Prosperity Partners Wealth Management specializes in independent comprehensive planning and wealth management for clients who would rather spend time living their bucket list, having confidence that the partners have their backs through their bucket plan.  The dynamic of the partners, both male and female, combined with over ninety years of financial wisdom and experience with risk assessment and interactive planning software technologies, helps ease clients' concerns such as running out of money, paying too much in taxes and potentially going broke in a nursing home.


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